Yuki Hirate Quintet ‘Sweet Clifford’

Yuki Hirate (Tp)
Shotaro Sakai (As)
Hiroki Fujii (Pf)
Satoshi Arakawa (Ba)
Hiroshi Sugiyama (Dr)

Yuuki Hirate

Yuuki Hirate was born in Aichi in 1994. He has been playing the piano since his childhood and started to play the trumpet during elementary school.
When he was a high school student, he played the trumpet for three years at Aichi Meiden High School- which has one of the top school bands in Japan, winning the All Japan Band Competition.
Yuuki graduated from the Nagoya College of Music at the top of his class.
He joined the CUG Jazz Orchestra in 2015 and is based in Nagoya where he is currently active as a pianist and a trumpet player performing in many live gigs.
He studied jazz piano under Shuhei Mizuno and trumpet under Kenji Fujishima. Yuki Hirate won the Best Soloist Prize of the Tokai Big Band Contest in 2016.


Shotaro Sakai

Sakai started the saxaphone, in his school’s brass band when he was a junior high student . He studied saxaphone further under Yasuhiro Kohama, entering the Nagoya College of Music(NCM) in 2013. Whilst studying at the college, Shotaro started playing in public as a member of the CUG Jazz Orchestra. Since graduating from NCM, Sakai now performs at various gigs and has also formed his own jazz big band.

Hiroki Fujii

Born in Yamaguchi City, 1988. Fujii started playing drums when he was in the high school. He entered Nagoya Univercity of Art, majoring drums. While studying jazz music at the univercity, he changed his major to jazz piano. He studied piano from Donny Schwekendiek and Shuhei Mizuno.
After graduating from NUA, He started his professional career and actively performs in Tokai area.

Satoshi Arakawa

Satoshi Arakawa was born in 1989 and began studying electric bass and guiter with his brother when he was in junior high school. In 2008, he enterd Nagoya College of Music and studied jazz bass with Osamu Hikage and classical bass with Mitushi Murakami and Nobuyuki Tanaka.
He graduated at the top of Jazz&Popular Music course from his college and performed at graduation concert in 2012. At present, he performing in variouse regions of Japan around Nagoya as a bass player.

Hiroshi Sugiyama

Sugiyama is born in 1994, Aichi Pref. He has studied classical piano since he was a elementary school student. He started playing drums at the age of fifteen. While at high school, he joined many pop/rock bands as a support drummer. His interest moved into jazz music after playing funk/fusion music. Sugiyama now actively performs in the Tokai area.