Yasuhiro Sakake, Akira Naruse “Fallin’ Grace”

Yasuhiro Sakake (Gt)
Akira Naruse (Gt)

Yasuhiro Sakake

Yasuhiro Sakake began guitar at the age of fifteen, traveling to America in order to pursue his musical studies at eighteen. He enrolled in the Musicians Institute (MI), Hollywood, where he studied for two years, learning from Joe Diorio, Scott Henderson, Ross Bolton and Jeff Richman. Upon graduating, Sakake performed in music sessions in the U.S. for three years, before returning to Japan and continuing his music career.
Centering around jazz, and including a wide range of music genres such as funk, Blues, R&B, bossa nova, pop, hip hop and reggae etc., Sakake’s activities in live shows, concert tours and recordings have received high accolades. His abilities as a composer and arranger are also held in high regard.
In addition to performing sessions, Yasuhiro Sakake formed the band, ‘Sakake Brothers with the Band’, with his brother, drummer Yushiro Sakake. They have released three albums to date, receiving wide recognition in music magazines such as JAZZLIFE, remix, ADLIB and so on, being selected for JAZZLIFE’s annual album recommendation.
Yasuhiro Sakake is currently actively involved in his own musical projects, in addition to SBB and performing sessions.

Akira Naruse

Born in December, 1987, Tsushima City, Aichi
Akira Naruse started the guitar at sixteen and entered the Nagoya School of the Musician’s Institute Japan (MI Japan), after graduating from high school.
Naruse has gained experience in many music genres by performing in sessions alongside musicians such as Keith Wyatt, Allen Hinds and Kai Kurosawa etc..
He has also provided guitar music for video game soundtracks. After graduating from the MI Japan, Naruse toured Japan as a member of Den-bay Itachiyama’s national tour, performing with Masahiro Sayama and Shuichi ‘Ponta’ Murakami.
At present, Akira Naruse performs with various musicians at live concerts and sessions around Japan, centering in Aichi Prefecture.