Yadosagashi ‘Bun bun HERO’

Hanimalu (Vo, Uklele)
Haru (Gt, Cho)


“Yadogashi are just passing through by chance on their 3,000 league search for home♪”(“Yadosagashi” is a Japanese which roughly translates to “looking for shelter(lodgings)”)

Using this phrase to announce their appearance, Yadosagashi are a somewhat quirky acoustic unit, known for creating an atmosphere to unwind in at live houses, cafes, bars and outdoor music festivals across Japan.
The duo met while they were performing separately – Hanimalu on TABIBITO and Haru on ‘The Paaan’. They clicked each other and united Yadosagashi on November, 2013.
Their music cuddle to the listener’s heart and warm it up. Yadosagashi is singing and playing around to cuddle on to people’s heart.

Yadosagashi released their first album ‘Chameleon’ on September, 2016.