Tsutomu Hara Trio “I’m getting sentimental over you”

Tsutomu Hara (Gt)
Satoshi Arakawa (Ba)
Yozo Nomura (Dr)

Tsutomu Hara

Born in Fukuoka, Tsutomu Hara started playing guitar at the age of fifteen. Tsutomu entered the Musicians Institute Hollywood in 1999. He learned jazz from Scott Henderson and Alan Heinz.
Since returning to Japan, Tsutomu Hara performs with various musicians, including his own band, at live concerts, jazz clubs and sessions around Japan, in addition to taking part in various recording sessions and teaching guitar.

Satoshi Arakawa

Satoshi Arakawa was born in 1989 and began studying electric bass and guitar with his brother when he was in junior high school. In 2008, he entered the Nagoya College of Music and studied jazz bass under Osamu Hikage and classical bass under Mitsushi Murakami and Nobuyuki Tanaka. He graduated at the top of the Jazz & Popular Music course of his college and performed at the graduation concert in 2012. At present, Satoshi Arakawa performs as a bass player in the Nagoya region of Japan.

Yozo Nomura

Born in Aichi, Yozo Nomura started playing drums when he joined the school brass band at his junior high school, also playing in a couple of rock and heavy metal bands formed with his friends. He joined the jazz big band in university, where Yozo’s musical interests changed to jazz and acoustic music. He studied jazz drumming with Nobuyasu Satake, and began performing in live concerts.
At present, Yozo Nomura performs and records in various styles such as jazz, pops, and rock, at times incorporating elements of photography, Japanese calligraphy, narration and traditional accompanied narrative ballards known as joururi, along with his motto of ‘Sound with Human Warmth’.