Yuka Tsukamoto (As, Ss)
Naka Tsukamoto (Ts)
Marie Tsukamoto (Bs)

TSUKAMOTO SISTERS is a saxophone group formed by three sisters. From childhood, the Tsukamoto sisters learned saxophone from their father, saxophonist Koichiro Tsukamoto. The sisters performed together at Kenney, a live house and music school run by their parents. Each member of the band studied in California and New York during high school and university. They are graduates of The New School for Jazz and Contemporary music program.
In early summer of 2008, TSUKAMOTO SISTERS started their musical activity on a full scale, with a concert at Mie Cultural Hall.
TSUKAMOTO SISTERS released their first CD ‘Shiroi Tsuki(White Moon)’ on January 9th, 2009. They held their first concert with support members at Ureshino Furusato Hall in December 2009.
March 4th, 2016, saw the release of their second CD ‘Born In Green’. In September 2017, they performed at the concert ‘Takuya Kuroda and fellows of New York, featuring TSUKAMOTO SISTERS’ presented by Mie Prefecture.
At present, TSUKAMOTO SISTERS perform various musical styles around the Tokai area, whilst being based in Mie.

Yuka Tsukamoto

Soprano and Alto Saxophone
Yuka Tsukamoto began the piano from the age of two, and the saxophone at fourteen.
She was interested in music composition from a young age, and began writing her own music.
In 2001, Yuka graduated from California’s Idyllwild Arts Academy, jazz department, having studied from Marshall Hawkins during her time there. In 2005, Yuka graduated from New York’s The New School university. She studied under Jim Snidero, David Glasser, Adam Holzman, Charlie Persip and so on.
Returning to Japan in July 2005, Yuka Tsukamoto teaches in Mie and Kyoto, whilst continuing her own music performing career.

Naka Tsukamoto

Tenor Saxophone
Born in Mie Prefecture, Naka Tsukamoto began the piano at the age of two, and the saxophone at twelve. From her second term in the third year of junior high school, Naka studied abroad in New York. She began studying jazz during senior high school at the Manhattan School of Music’s pre-college. In 2007, she graduated from The New School’s department of jazz and contemporary music, and was a recipient of
a scholarship from the Mie International Exchange Foundation
Having studied from David Glasser, Marcus Strickland, Billy Harper, Reggie Workman and the like, Naka returned to Japan in June 2008. Naka Tsukamoto currently teaches in Mie and Kyoto, whilst continuing her own music performing career.

Marie Tsukamoto

Baritone Saxophone
Born in Mie Prefecture, Marie Tsukamoto began the piano from the age of two, and started the saxophone when she was sixteen. She graduated from the jazz section of the Idyllwild Arts Academy, California in 2001, and the jazz and contemporary music section of The New School university, New York, in 2005. Marie has studied under Jim Snidero, David Glasser, Reggie Workman and Satoshi Inoue, etc.
Marie Tsukamoto returned to Japan in December 2005, and is currently based in Mie Prefecture as an English Rhythmic instructor, whilst also performing musically.