TRISPACE ‘the Circle’


Yuichi Hayashi – Piano & Composition
Morihiro Omura – Bass
Yoshitaka Yamashita – Drums

TRISPACE is a piano, bass and drums trio of modern conception and changeable mood,  that expresses itself exclusively through an acoustic set. Pianist Yuichi Hayashi, leader and composer of the band, knows how to blend the sounds of northern European jazz within the music of TRISPACE, producing a musical result that is personal and captivating, distinguishing itself in the Japanese jazz scene. (from Italian jazz magazine “Jazz Convention”)


TRISPACE is a Japanese piano trio. The trio  formed in 2008 with members Morihiro Omura on bass, Yoshitaka Yamashita on drums, and pianist Yuichi Hayashi as the leader. In spring 2014, having recorded their album “Nightfall” at the Nilento studio in Sweden, they took on the Italian Jazz scene, playing at several well known clubs. They are a modern Jazz trio, with a sound that ranges from profoundly lyrical melodies, to deeply dynamic rhythms.

Yuichi Hayashi

Pianist / Composer  Yuichi Hayashi started playing the piano at the age of five. After studying classical music, he began writing his own compositions at fifteen. Whilst in university, he joined the jazz big band and started playing jazz music. After graduating from university, Hayashi commenced upon  his professional musical career, performing in  various live concerts and recordings.  

In 2008, Hayashi formed his own piano trio ‘TRISPACE’, playing his compositions. The trio have released three albums. The newest album ‘Nightfall’ , was recorded and mixed in Sweden. In 2014, the trio did a live tour of Italy. Yuichi Hayashi currently performs nationwide with TRISPACE, and also provides musical support for many bands, such as the Sei Takahashi sextet, Hiroshi Sugano’s ‘Inter Paul Connection’, and the Kazuyoshi Kuroda Quintet etc.. He also provides original music compositions for the jazz singer, junko.  

With a reputation for the crystal-like clarity of his piano playing, Yuichi Hayashi enthralls his audience with his sensitive to daring range of rendition.

Morihiro Omura

Born in 1975 and hailing from Aichi Prefecture’s Toyohashi City, Morihiro Omura first encountered the double bass when he entered university. Whilst attending university, Omura took part in various concerts and sessions, and began his career as a bassist in earnest upon graduation. He currently performs at live concerts and  events, around  the Nagoya area and beyond, whilst also participating in album recordings featuring some of Nagoya’s finest jazz artists.

Yoshitaka Yamashita

Yamashita started playing drums when he was in high school. He attended Nagoya University. While at university, he joined a jazz big band and started playing jazz. He attended the Drummers Collective in New York, after graduating university. He studied various musical styles of drum set and percussion at the school.

Upon returning to Japan, Yamashita joined the club-jazz band ‘native’ and released six CDs and one EP. After leaving the band, he joined many sessions and bands.

As a member of the piano trio ‘Dear Blues’, he played at the “Festival eclats d’Email” in 2013 in Limoges, France. The trio released their most recent album ‘La Mesha’ in 2016.

Yamashita toured Italy in 2014 as a member of the band ‘TRISPACE’ and recorded in Sweden. In 2015, the band released their newest album ‘Nightfall’.

In 2016, Yamashita participated in Kaoru Tsubakida’s album ‘Mountain with No Name’ and following nationwide tour in Japan. Yoshitaka Yamashita currently performs with a number of regular bands, in addition to various sessions and recordings in a wide range of music genres.