TAD ‘Samba Em Preludio’


Daichi Kato (Sax)
Tomomi Nishiyama (Tb)
Akira Naruse (Gt)

Daichi Kato

Born in Nagoya, Aich Prefecturei. Daichi Kato started studying piano at the age of 5. Whilst in junior high school, he joined the school brass band and studied clarinet under Yoshiyuki Kamei. Daichi changed to playing Alto Sax when he attended Aichi University. He studied saxphone from Hidefumi Toki and Masahiro Touryo, and also studied flute from Masatoo Yoshimura.
After completing a nationwide Japan tour with bassist, Eiji Nakagawa, Daichi released his first album, ‘First Connection’ produced by Eiji Nakagawa in 2011. In 2014, he released his second album ‘On the Way of My Life.’
Daichi Kato is extending his musical activities, collaborating with many musicians such as Peter Madsen, Phillip Strange, Ben Okada, Shintaro Nakamura, and Fukushi Tainaka. He released his newest album ‘Don’t stop Go ahead’ in 2017.

Tomomi Nishiyama

Tomomi Nishiyama was born in Inuyama city, Aichi. Tomomi started playing the electric organ when she was four. She started the trombone at the age of thirteen, upon joining the school wind band. She has studied trombone from Hiroshi Tanaka and Donald Gibson, discovering jazz music after entering the Koyo Conservatory of Music.
After graduating, Tomomi Nishiyama has performed with combos, big band, salsa bands and participated in music recordings in addition to trying her own hand at music composition and arrangement.

Akira Naruse

Born in December, 1987, Tsushima City, Aichi
Akira Naruse started the guitar at sixteen and entered the Nagoya School of the Musician’s Institute Japan (MI Japan), after graduating from high school.
Naruse has gained experience in many music genres by performing in sessions alongside musicians such as Keith Wyatt, Allen Hinds and Kai Kurosawa etc..
He has also provided guitar music for video game soundtracks. After graduating from the MI Japan, Naruse toured Japan as a member of Den-bay Itachiyama’s national tour, performing with Masahiro Sayama and Shuichi ‘Ponta’ Murakami.
At present, Akira Naruse performs with various musicians at live concerts and sessions around Japan, centering in Aichi Prefecture.