Showa Modern Tai ‘Playback Medley’

Showa Modern Tai

Nana Yamane (Vo)
Hiroko Ishihara (Pf, Cho)
Kaori Iwatsuki (Per, Cho)

Showa Modern Tai (昭和モダン体) is acoustic chorus group united in 2011, based on Nagoya. They have more than a hundred of repertoire of songs of Japanese/English pop tune with rich and exciting arrangement influenced by many music junre such as Cuban music, Flamenco, Jazz, and so on.
Nana’s soulful vocal sounds out with solid ensemble of piano and percussion Beautiful chorus work with three is also one of charming point’s of the band.
Showa Modern Tai released first mini album ‘Ete ni ho wo age (得手に帆をあげ)’ and performing in Kanto/Kansai area as well as in their home ground, Nagoya area.

Nana Yamane

Graduate of the Nagoya University of Arts. Studied vocals from the Japanese singer CHAKA. Nana Yamane’s appeal lies in the powerful, yet delicate style of her singing, which also has a reputation for its use of beautiful Japanese language. Yamane has a deep love and fascination with Freddie Mercury, which she aims to incorporate into her own vocal style.

Hiroko Ishihara

Born in Nagoya, Aichi.
2011 graduate of the Nagoya University of Arts.
Hiroko Ishihara started the keyboards when she was seven, and now plays a wide variety of music genres, including jazz, popular music and gospel.
Ishihara actively uses her attractive, deep toned vocals in the acapella arrangements of Showa Modern Tai.

Kaori Iwatsuki

Born October 1988, Okazaki City, Aichi.
Kaori Iwatsuki encountered Latin percussion upon entering the Nagoya University of Arts. This was also the occasion for Iwatsuki to discover salsa music, which had a big impact on her. At present, Iwatsuki provides musical support in a wide range of sessions, including salsa, Latin jazz, pops, flamenco, and theatre productions.
Iwatsuki performed percussion for the musical stage production “Marius”(written by and featuring Youji Yamada, March 2017), and also Palma and percussion for the new stage performance of the Mayumi Kagita and Hiroki Sato Flamenco Troupe.
Kaori Iwatsuki studied percussion from Gen Ogimi and Mizalito.