Mika Watanabe ‘The End Of The World’

Mika Watanabe (Vo)
Koji Goto (Pf)

Mika Watanabe


Besides singing in a live session corner on her CBC radio program, “Mika Watanabe’s What a Wonderful World”, Mika Watanabe sings jazz at live venues in Nagoya City.

A singer and announcer who loves many kinds of music genres, Mika introduces a selection of songs in her radio program, making them accessible to a wide audience with her easy-to-follow explanations.

Mika Watanabe released her first album ‘Jazz Youbi'(Jazz days of the week) with saxophonist Sanshiro and Koji Goto on piano, a recommended collection of jazz standards, ideal for first time jazz listeners.

Koji Goto

Jazz Pianist/Composer
Born in 1973, Nagoya.
Influenced by his father, Koji began classical piano training at the age 4. He devoted himself to Jazz piano and started playing at Jazz clubs while he attended Nanzan University as a pre-law major.
Koji has been releasing an original album every year since 2002, and in 2004, he participated in the Kimiko Ito’s (vo) album “Once You Have Been in Love”(2004/VIDEOARTS MUSIC) produced by Makoto Ozone, performing on four tracks. He diligently worked on gradually building up his career, year after year.
In 2007, with Harvey Mason as producer and on drums, Koji recorded a trio album “hope” in New York. With Brad Mehldau’s right hand musician, Larry Grenadier performing as bassist, the album created a big buzz.
Koji is held in high regard by Jazz vocalists and he participated in many of their album recordings .
Koji often performs with classical musicians – his sixth album “Koji Goto Solo Concert with Strings”(2009/ SOKENBISYA) was recorded live with classical musicians at Munetsugu Hall.
In March 2015, Koji released a solo piano album “La Rencontre” , consisting mainly of his original compositions.
Koji has made many appearances on TV advertisements and radio programs as a radio personality. Based in Nagoya, Japan, as a composer and Jazz pianist, he maintains a vigorous schedule for performances both domestically and internationally.