Makitetsu Trio ‘Englishman in New York’

Tetsuya Maki (Pf)
Naoto Tanii (Ba)
Tomoko Ueno (Dr)

Tetsuya Maki

Born in 1990, Tetsuya Maki started playing the electric organ when he was six years old. Tetsuya entered the Nagoya College of Music(NCM) in 2009. He studied electric organ from Masa Matsuda and jazz piano from Shuhei Mizuno. Tetsuya started performing in public whilst studying at university.
After graduating NCM, Tetsuya formed his own Trio ‘Makitetsu trio’ and plays at various venues around Aichi prefecture.
Besides his own trio’s musical activity, Tetsuya performs with various musicians and also in many other bands such as a trumpeter Shunzo Ohno, Hiroshi Miyamoto Hard Bop Sextet, Central Jazz Orchestra, and a ‘Tsugaru-Shamisen’ player Junzi Baba.
Tetsuya also teaches piano at various locations.
Tetsuya Maki has his own YouTube channel ‘Makitetsu Piano’.

Naoto Tanii

Born in Kasugai, Naogoya, Naoto Tanii began the wood bass at 24, learning jazz bass from Kenichi Okubo and Gou Shimada, and bowing from Mai Mizutani.
Naoto Tanii presently performs in various bands, including the Masayasu Amano Quintet, Satoko Nakagawa Quartet, Gakudan Shiki (a double bass quartet from Nagoya) and trio de monochrome, in the Tokai region of Japan.

Tomoko Ueno

Tomoko Ueno began teaching herself to play drums at the age of thirteen, building up her experience during her student days by performing in numerous live concerts and music competitions. In 2008 she entered the jazz and popular music course at Nagoya College of Music, studying jazz drum under Kazuyoshi Kuroda, and classic percussion and percussion ensemble from Yasunori Yamaguchi.
Tomoko Ueno currently performs various genres of music including jazz and popular music, around the Tokai area of Japan, whilst also teaching the next generation of drum musicians.