MAHIZO 4 ‘Solar’


Masamichi Sato (Pf)
Hiroomi Miyamae (Ts)
Hideki Hasegawa (Ba)
Yozo Nomura (Dr)

Masamichi Sato

Masamichi Sato started playing jazz piano when he joined the modern jazz circle at Aichi University, where he started his professional music career.
In 2007, Sato joined Japan reknown bassist, Eizi Nakagawa’s Aichi-based unit and performs on tour on a regular basis, in the Tokai and Hokuriku areas of Japan.
In 2010, Masamichi released a duo CD, ‘Duet’ with vibraphonist Mari Yamashita. He formed MAHIZO in 2012, playing his original arrangements of jazz standards. In September of 2016, Mahizo made a live recording CD, recorded at/produced by Intelsat, Kira.
At present, Masamichi Sato is based in Aichi and performing nationwide in Japan with MAHIZO.

Hiroomi Miyamae

Hiroomi Miyamae started his professional career as a saxophone player with a R&B band, expanding his field of musical experience by playing in various jazz/funk bands. Miyamae has released two albums : his debut album ‘Sakura Chiru Hi’ with the Hiroomi Miyamae Band, and a second album ‘Kitsui Yatsura’ with Roman Blow. He joined the jazz-funk band ‘Sakake Brothers Band’ in their recordings for the album ‘keep on cruisin’.
Always searching for a new approach to saxophone playing, Hiroomi Miyamae now performs nationwide in Japan with MAHIZO 4.

Hideki Hasegawa

Born in Mie Prefecture, Hideki Hasegawa began the guitar when he was fourteen. He switched to playing the wood bass at the age of twenty, upon discovering jazz, teaching himself rudiments and theory. Gaining experience through taking part in various sessions, Hideki, performed as a pro bassist in the Tokai region of Japan, whilst being based in Mie.
Not just jazz, but well versed in many music genres, Hideki has also participated in music recordings. He is now based in Aichi, and performs in over 250 gigs annually. Hideki Hasegawa brings a free, emotional and bold approach to his style of bass performance.

Yozo Nomura

Born in Aichi, Yozo Nomura started playing drums when he joined the school brass band at his junior high school, also playing in a couple of rock and heavy metal bands formed with his friends. He joined the jazz big band in university, where Yozo’s musical interests changed to jazz and acoustic music. He studied jazz drumming with Nobuyasu Satake, and began performing in live concerts.
At present, Yozo Nomura performs and records in various styles such as jazz, pops, and rock, at times incorporating elements of photography, Japanese calligraphy, narration and traditional accompanied narrative ballards known as joururi, along with his motto of ‘Sound with Human Warmth’.