‘Seven Mile Bridge’ composed by Tomomi Nishiyama


AUTO BAHN JAZZ ORCHESTRA is a 18 piece big band, made up of some of the leading musicians in the Tokai region of Japan, led by saxophonist Takahiro Yamasaki.

Originally founded as a temporary band for a one night show in December 2009, Yamasaki decided to continue the AUTO BAHN JAZZ ORCHESTRA as a permanent band. They started regular live performances in the spring of 2010. From 2012 onwards the band perform with an extraordinary frequency, having a strong repertoire that already exceeded 120 tunes. While the band’s performance centres mainly around strong funk, latin and jazz , they of course also perform the swingy numbers that big band are so well known for.

AUTO BAHN JAZZ ORCHESTRA are known for their efforts in raising future generations of musical performers, through providing opportunities to local teenagers to perform with them.

With their slogan of “Look! Listen! Enjoy! Entertainment”, the AUTO BAHN JAZZ ORCHESTRA are enthusiastically continuing their musical work – a band to be watched, spreading the sound of Nagoya music nationwide.

AUTO BAHN JAZZ ORCHESTRA’s first album ‘AUTOBAHN’ was released in May 2016.