Akane Nakagaki, Takeshi Mochizuki ‘O Barquinho’

Akane Nakagaki (Vo)
Takeshi Mochizuki (Gt)

Akane Nakagaki

Akane Nakagaki was born in 1982, Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture.
Akane started her musical career in the Tokai area in 2004. In February 2008, she released her first album “Yes”, on What’s New Records label. The album was nominated for the 2008 Jazz Disk Award in Swing Journal Magazine. In August of the same year, she participated in “Jazz vocal showcase VOL.1” released on Grace’s Notes Records.
In June 2011, Akane’s second album “River” was released from What’s New Records. Later the same year, she performed at Nagoya Blue Note.
Akane provided vocals for KASH’s album, ‘EVER FLOW’ in 2012. She also participated in the Kaoru Tsubakida Band, taking part in and his third album, “Cloudless Sky” in July 2012, and fourth album, “The mountain with no name” in September 2016.
Akane Nakagaki released her newest album “Lost Generation”, from What’s New Records in April 2017. She currently performs at many festivals and jazz street events nationwide, in addition to providing jingles for Japanese commercials.