Stance Tongue ‘No.179’

No. 179 composed by Hiroaki Takabatake

Stance Tongue:
Yumi Nakamura (sax)
Eizo Koganezaka (gt)
Hiroaki Takabatake (key)
Atsutomo Ishigaki (ba)
Nobukazu Katagiri (dr)

Yumi Nakamura

Yumi has been playing the electone since his childhood and started to play the saxophone from the age of thirteen. She started playing jazz after entering the University. Yumi studied jazz saxophone from Manteru Nonoda.
After graduating the University, Yumi Nakamura is performing in Tokai area of Japan as a member of various jazz big band, besides her own band.

Eizo Koganezaka

Born in Nagoya, 1987.
Eizo Koganezaka started playing the guitar at the age of fourteen, and started his musical activities at the age of fifteen, forming his own band. At seventeen, he began to study musical technique centered around jazz and music theory in earnest, from a Jazz guitarist. Building up his musical experience in various genres such as Jazz、Blues、Funk、Soul/R&B、Rock and Pops, by performing in bands, sessions and as a support musician at live concerts, Eizo began his professional music career in 2008.
In the same year, Eizo joined the instrumental band “Act Kadenza”,centered around the music of the tsugaru shamisen. Upon the release of their album, he performed in a Japanese nationwide tour, appeared on Japanese television and radio and also performed overseas in Hawaii on a seven day concert tour.
Eizo currently takes an active part in both major and indie artists concerts and recordings, in addition to his own band, live sessions,Big Band, and musical band support, in places outside of the Nagoya region too.

Hiroaki Takabatake

Piano & Keyboard
Hiroaki started playing the accordion at age of ten. He studied classic tango from Toshio Ohta until he was eighteen. He started playing jazz piano after entering the university. In 2013, Hiroaki joined Afro-funk band ‘BEMBE’. Some of the tunes of the band were compiled into the compilation album “Piece the next japan night” by Hiroko Ohtsuka in 2015, and also “All The Young Dudes” by Tatsuo Sunaga in 2016.

Atsutomo Ishigaki

Atsutomo Ishigaki graduated Berklee College of Music in 1997. After returning to Japan, Atsutomo form a band called ‘next order’ with Yuji Muto(g), Takumi Seino(g), and Matsuda”GORI”Hiroshi(dr) in 2002. He has made 7 albums so far. At present, Atsutomo Ishigaki is performing nationwide and also setting various kinds of live session in Nagoya.

Nobukazu Katagiri

Nobukazu started playing drum with a punk rock band. He adopted many kinds of rhythm styles such as punk, hard core, jazz, funk, soul, and many other genres and has built his original playing style.