Ohmichi Yuda ‘Passion’

‘Passion’ written by Ohmichi Yuda
Ohmichi Yuda (Gt)

Ohmichi Yuda

Born in Osaka, Ohmichi Yuda graduated from the Koyo Conservatory of Music and worked as an instructor for the Yamaha Music Foundation. Yuda then entered the Berklee College of Music via scholarship. Returning to Japan after graduation, he started playing in various styles of music nationwide.
As a guitarist of the contemporary jazz group ‘Vermilion Field’, Yuda has released three albums on a major record label. He has also participated in albums by the Japanese singer, Toshiko Ushijima. As a composer, he has written music for movies, an elementary school,and so on.
At the end of 2015, Yuda released his first solo guitar album ‘Joy to the World’, which ranked high in the Amazon sales chart.
In spring 2016, Vermilion Field released the official anthem for the Sumida Street Jazz Festival.
In September 2017, Vermilion Field released their fourth album ‘twelf’.
Ohmichi Yuda currently resides in Aichi Prefecture.