KIMENAITO ‘Shape of my heart’


Toshiyuki Miyasaka (Vo, Gt)
Akira Naruse (Gt, Cho)

KIMENAITO is folk rock duo consisting of singer Toshiyuki Miyasaka and guitarist Akira Naruse. They cover American/British songs from the 60s – 90s. Their acoustic ensemble attracts audiences.

Toshiyuki Miyasaka

Miyasaka spent his childhood in the United States and had an opportunity to be exposed to various music. Toshiyuki start singing in a choir at age of eight. After growing up, Toshiyuki started performing in public as singer and actor.
Toshiyuki learned pops singing from Tomi Kitagawa, and also jazz singing from Hiroko Williams. His merancholic voice, sweet appearance and solid voice technic attract audiences.
Toshiyuki released his first CD ‘CLOSE MY EYES’ which is produced by Hiroko Williams. The album reached the fourth place in the jazz/fusion chart on Amazon.
At present, Toshiyuki Miyasaka is playing at various venues and jazz festival nationwide.

Akira Naruse

Born in December, 1987, Tsushima City, Aichi
Akira Naruse started the guitar at sixteen and entered the Nagoya School of the Musician’s Institute Japan (MI Japan), after graduating from high school.
Naruse has gained experience in many music genres by performing in sessions alongside musicians such as Keith Wyatt, Allen Hinds and Kai Kurosawa etc..
He has also provided guitar music for video game soundtracks. After graduating from the MI Japan, Naruse toured Japan as a member of Den-bay Itachiyama’s national tour, performing with Masahiro Sayama and Shuichi ‘Ponta’ Murakami.
At present, Akira Naruse performs with various musicians at live concerts and sessions around Japan, centering in Aichi Prefecture.