Hirosato Ito Quintet ‘May’

The Quintet composed by Hirosato Ito
Hirosato Ito (Gt)
Kazuto Miwa (Ts)
Yuichi Hayashi (Pf)
Hiroyuki Demiya (Ba)
Hiro Omori (Dr)

Hirosato Ito

Guitarist/ Composer
He was born in Aichi, Japan 1990. In 2013, he got Berklee international scholarship and Berklee Asia scholarship, and entered the Berkee college of music. He has taken a private lesson from Jon Damian, Jon Willkins, and Bret Willmot. In 2014, he moved to Amsterdam in Netherlands to study with Martijn Van Iterson and Jesse Van Ruller.Currently, He performs mainly in Nagoya. On September, 2016 He started his own group Hirosato Ito Quintet.

Kazuto Miwa

Miwa was born in Nagoya. In 2008. he graduated from Nagoya University of Arts and performed at graduation concert of the NUA, and YAMAHA debut concert. In 2010, he hold his first recital “Jszzsic”, and after this recital, he studied jazz session in Manhattan, New York. 2011, he released 1st album as a member of THE ONE.
He has been received many award. Gold-award for solo competition Tokai round when he was a high school student, Good performance-award for YAMAHA KANKRA national competition, The best soloist-award for Tokai Big Band Jazz Contest when he was a University student.
He studied saxophone with Takashi Mikazuki, Masato Kumoi, jazz saxophone with Manteru Nonoda, Kenny Garrett.
Today,he is working as a saxophonist, composer/arranger, wind ensemble trainer, judge in competitions.

Yuichi Hayashi

Pianist / Composer
Hayashi started playing at the age of five. After studying classical music, he started making his own composition at fifteen. While at the University, he attended a jazz big band and start playing jazz music. After graduating the University he started his professional musical activity, joining various lives and recordings.
In 2008, he formed his own piano trio ‘TRISPACE’, playing his compositions. The trio released three albums. The newest album ‘Nightfall’ is recorded and mixed in Sweden. In 2014, Hayashi have done a live tour in Italy with his own band.
Hayashi currently performs nationwide with TRISPACE and also provides musical support in many band such as Sei Takahashi sextet, Hiroshi Sugano’s ‘Inter Paul Connection’, Kazuyoshi Kuroda Quintet etc. He also provides his composition for jazz singer junko.

Hiroyuki Demiya

Born 1985,Kobe City. Demiya started playing electric bass at the age of 13. He attended the Osaka College of Music, where he majored in jazz bass and studied under Tomoyuki Kimura.
Demiya began his musical career as a jazz bassist in 2005. He won the 2012 Kanazawa Jazz Competition. He now performs all over Japan and also in Korea and Spain. Hiroyuki Demiya released a CD as a member of ‘Links Jazz Trio’ with Jun Miyakawa.

Hiro Omori

Born in Nissin, Aichi, Japan in 1983, Hiro Omori started to play drums at the age of ten. His first performance was with his father’s big band. After playing with various rock bands, Hiro decided to learn jazz music and entered the Nagoya school of the Koyo Conservatory of Music. In 2006 he received a scholarship to enter the Berklee College of Music in Boston. During his time there, Hiro kept searching for his own style of drumming.
After graduating from Berklee, he moved to New York where he studied under the great jazz drummer, Ari Hoenig. At the same time, Hiro led his own band, performing at various venues.
Returning to Japan in 2010, Hiro now actively performs in the Tokai area. He is also a drum instructor.