Hironori Goda Trio ‘Blue in green’

Hironori Goda (Pf)
Masashi Kato (Ba)
Jun Natsume (Ds)

Hironori Goda

Hironori Goda studied classical piano during his childhood. He started playing jazz music after his entering the University. Hironori won the best player’s  award at Yamaha Light Music Contest. At age of 50, he decided to concentrate his musical activity. In 2018, Hironori released the first album of his own trio.

Hironori Goda is  performing in many different venues with many musicians, in addition to his own trio’s performance.

Masashi Kato

Masashi Kato started playing jazz when he is in high school. Whilst in the university, Masashi started performing in public with Sunao Wada Group, Kunio Ota Group and many other group. Masashi played many top players in Japan such as: Sho Miyazawa, Takeo Moriyama, Shigeharu Mukai, Takao Uematsu, Lee Keiko,  and Yoshihiko Naya.

Masashi Kato is continuing playing with many musical unit, Hironori Goda Trio, Drunken Fish, and The EROS. Masashi is also playing at various jam session with some free-jazz musicians such as Eichi Hayashi, Homei Yanagawa.

Masashi Kato has a trusted reputation for his solid comping and musical soloing.

Jun Natsume

After graduating Nanzan University, Jun Natsume joined Yamaha in 1973 and started his musical performance. Jun played with many musicians such as – Sunao Wada, Kenji Mori, Hironori Goda, Donny Schwekendiek, Norio Watanabe and Lee Keiko.

There are couples of recorded performance:

Kunio Ota Quartet ‘Free and Lovely’ (1976), ‘My Back Page’ (1976)
Toshiharu Hanada Trio + Itsuko Tukasa ‘INT1st’ (2005), ‘INT2nd’ (2009)