Drunken Fish ‘SuperLoveSong’

Drunken Fish

Norio Watanabe (Gt)
Donny Schwekendiek (Pf)
Masashi Kato (Ba)
Jun Natsume (Dr)
Ruben Ernesto Figueroa Lucero (Per)

Formed in 1996. Centred around Norio Watanabe on guitar, Druken Fish’s fun music stage unfolds! With their original music, Drunken Fish are one of the few good time bands, that can raise your spirits, mellow you out and keep your pep up for tomorrow.
As a group of band masters, unlimited in a wide range of music genres including jazz, rock, fusion, blues, Latin and gospel, and with a large repertoire of original music, each member enjoys taking centre stage.
Druken Fish can be found performing at Jazz inn Lovely and various other live venues in and around Nagoya.