TRISPACE ‘Desert Moon’


Yuichi Hayashi – Piano & Composition
Morihiro Omura – Bass
Yoshitaka Yamashita – Drums

TRISPACE is a piano trio with a modern conception and a changeable attitude that express itself exclusively through an acoustic set. Pianist Yuichi Hayashi, leader and composer of the band, knows how to include and melt inside the music of TRISPACE the sounds of northern European jazz, producing a musical result that is personal and captivating, distinguishing itself in the Japanese jazz scene. (from Itarian jazz magazin “Jazz Convention”)


TRISPACE is a Japanese piano trio. The trio was formed in 2008 with members Morihiro Omura on bass, Yoshitaka Yamashita on drums, and pianist Yuichi Hayashi as the leader.

In spring 2014, having recorded new album at the Nilento studio in Sweden, they took on the italian Jazz scene, playing at several well known clubs.

They are a modern Jazz trio, with a sound that ranges from profoundly lyrical melodies, to deeply dynamic rhythms.